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‘Venture into traditional massage for extra income’
Tarikh : 22 Feb 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post Online

BAU: Bumiputera entrepreneurs here should venture into the increasingly popular traditional massage for additional income.

Serembu asemblyman Miro Simuh said this yesterday at the opening of a traditional treatment centre which offers alternative treatment such as cupping, traditional massage and acupuncture sought after by the community.

According to him, traditional and modern treatment can go hand-in-hand for those who seek treatment for general well-being.

He advises the community to choose a certified traditional massage centre to ensure the benefits and efficacy of the traditional treatment.

“I also encourage people to get traditional massage in a valid and accredited centre to supplement conventional medicine,” he said.

He advised the operators to follow the guidelines issued by the local authorities and avoid activities that may defame the centre.

“The community has always relied on traditional methods of treating various ailments, even before the availability of modern medicine. This knowledge has been passed down through the generations,” he concluded.

Also present were Bau District Officer Anielia Siam and traditional centre entrepreneur Sebin Gunyes.