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Jalan Ong Guan Cheng,94000 Bau,
Tel: 6082-763128, 763129
Fax: 6082-763545

Web: www.baudc.sarawak.gov.my

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21 Jul 2017 - Bau police cripple robbery, theft gangs

Sabri (centre) inspecting the recovered stolen motorcycles at Bau district police headquarters (IPD) yesterday, while Ali (left), Mahadir (second left), Damataries (second right) and Benedict look on.

BAU: Bau district police have busted four robbery, vehicle and motorcycle theft gangs operating in the southern region and arrested their respective masterminds.

District police chief DSP Sabri Zainol said they had nabbed 14 suspects as of yesterday, following the latest arrest of a motorcycle theft gang dubbed ‘Geng IS’.

He added that three members of ‘Geng IS’ arrested included their leader who is a local man and two foreigners all in their 30’s, and  police had also recovered four motorcycles.

He informed reporters this in a press conference at Bau police district headquarters yesterday.

21 Jul 2017 - Bau to have museum on gold mining history

Henry (third left) looks on as a villager (woman) waits to undergo a free health test conducted by the medical team.

BAU: A living museum will be set up here to showcase the history of gold mining in the district.

Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Henry Harry Jinep said that was one of the plans to make the district merrier by promoting tourism.

“We have a 10-year plan to turn Bau into a prime tourist destination and to complement Kuching city in terms of tourism, and a place to live, and we are working to attract investors to generate economic activities,” he told reporters yesterday.

He has earlier officiated at the Jiwa Murni Pacific Partnership 2017- community health outreach (CHOT) and community relationship programme (Comell) at Kpg Suba Buan here.

4 Jul 2017 - Addressing the rabies outbreak

State Disaster Management Committee meets today to tackle the acute viral disease of the nervous system caused by dog bites

World Health Organisation Graphic on rabies. (File Photo)

Dr Adrian Susin Ambud

KUCHING: The State Disaster Management Committee will meet today to discuss on the rabies outbreak, following the three cases of rabies infection detected last Friday involving young children from Serian, says its chairman Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

Uggah also said the state government had communicated with the Veterinary Services Department in Kuala Lumpur, which had sent officers to help the state counter the rabies outbreak.

“They have promised to give us assistance. We are thankful to the federal government,” he said in a press conference held during a Gawai Dayak visit by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to his house here yesterday.

Meanwhile, Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian confirmed that no new cases of dog bite were reported as of yesterday.

“There are 34 cases of dog bites when we traced back and all of them we are giving free vaccination. The state government will contribute RM100,000 to buy vaccine for humans, to the Health Department so that they can make it readily available to whoever needs it.”

Dr Sim, however, could not comment on the vaccination for the animals as it was under Uggah’s jurisdiction. On the condition of the three children infected with rabies, Dr Sim said they are currently incubated, adding that their prognosis is not very good.

In order to create awareness of rabies, he said his ministry would come up with a short video to educate the public on what to do when they got bitten by a dog.

“As for Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah’s side, they will also come up with a short video on how to identify dogs with rabies.”

On the joint meeting on rabies, Dr Sim said: “It will involve agencies like the police, local councils, armed forces and the plantation people, besides the Health Ministry and the Veterinary Services Department”.

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